Limousine Repair

Jim Dunegan, VP of Southern Comfort Limousine Service knows the ins and the outs of the limousine business. With over 30 years experience in every aspect of the limousine service.

As a ‘ASE Certified Master Technician’ we have been servicing our own limousines and sedans for the past 30 years. Now we have opened our doors to others in our industry looking for a professional service center that is equipped and familiar with repairing and servicing stretch limousines.

*Mechanical repairs

*Transmission and Drivetrain

*Electrical and Charging system

*Brakes and Air Suspension

*Diagnostics and Onboard Computer

*Air Conditioning and Heating

*Sound and Lighting

*Minor Body repairs

We know how important it is to get these cars back on the road. You can’t make any money if your limousine is sitting in the back of someones  shop and they have no idea how to fix it. We can even make arrangements to make some repairs after hours so you won’t miss that wedding or funeral service you have scheduled for the next day.